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Steel Panthers: World at War : ENH-FR: Leonforte Pt 2

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File Added : 1 AUG 2010
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Location : Leonforte, Sicily
Opponents : Canada vs German

Description :

__________Leonforte Part 2** _____Canadian Assault vs Germany* _______________Sicily* ______2100 Hrs, July 21 1943* ___________Turns - 32* ____________Size: Large** ____Designed for: Enhanced FR* ______Created by iskaput* ___yourwestcoastagent@gmail.com** ___Tested By: Huffy* _____________JMN* _____________bob55* _____________morge4* _____________trip 1509* ** ______Player Notes:** This scenario is intended for play with all options on except C&C. and uses the following Player Preferences* The human player has to play the Canadian side.** Spotting - 75%* Art-Soft - 120%* Art-Arm - 120%* Spec Op - 120%** True Troop On/Rarity Off* Auto Rally - Off* Fast Artillery - Off** BACKGROUND* Due mostly to the terrain, along with the best efforts of the Germans, Leonforte had to be attacked frontally. The town was held in strength by tanks and troops from the 104th Panzer Grenadier Regiment.** The Canadian Official historian described the town as oblong in shape and a kilometre in length. He noted it could only be entered along a twisty switchback road which crossed a deep ravine on the southern outskirts of the built-up area. The approach to the bridge, which had been destroyed, was on a reverse curve. This gave the enemy a clear field of fire. The town itselfbuilt on a steep hillside and extending over its crestwas so complete that nothing but plunging fire could reach its garrison. Its narrow twisty streets afforded every facility for street fighting and dispersed defence.** THE MISSION* Assault and secure the village of Leonforte.** YOUR ORDERS* East Side* You have One Company hiding/overlooking the destroyed bridge, our scouts can not observe any Enemy presence there. That Company is to Take and Secure the bridge. Make it safe for the Engineers  they have to start repairs.** West Side* You have One Company advancing towards the hillside to the West of the town to protect the flank of the Main Assault. Your orders are to aim for the visible VH on the hill. Secure the area, protect the Main Assaults flank.** Center* You have Two Companies for the Frontal Assault. The town has been worked over by all of the Regiments Artillery batteries prior to the Game starting. You have One Battery left to continue a rolling barrage. Forcibly Take and Secure Leonforte.** DESIGNER'S NOTES* This is the fourth in a series of Scenarios that depict in some small way some of the battles involving the Canadian Army during Operation Husky.* I hope you enjoy them.* ** Source:* Official History of the Canadian Army in the Second World War - Volume II - THE CANADIANS IN ITALY 1943 - 1945* Juno Beach Center Website* Legion Magazine Website*

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