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Steel Panthers: World at War : Operation:OILSPILL

File Author : waleaf
File Added : 4 AUG 2010
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Location : Ploiesti, Rumania
Opponents : Soviets (human player) & Rumanians/Germans

Description :

_______OPERATION: OILSPILL** _Soviet assault vs. German defend* _____(must play as Soviets)* ________Ploiesti, Rumania* ______0800, 22 July 1944* ___________Turns 21* ______Scenario size: Medium** ____Design: Jim 'tracer' Sodano* _____Playtesters: chief, Morge4** Mission (fictional): the vast network of air defenses around Ploiesti has made bombing the refineries there costly and ineffective. But as they near their pre-war borders, the Soviets concoct a daring plan to knock out this vital source of Germany's petrol.** Small groups of infiltrators will attack selected AAA positions, opening a path for the large airborne raiding force who will assault and demolish the refineries.** The first target is the 280 acre Romana-Americana refinery 3km east of the city. Briefers have provided the locations (marked xXx) of the equipment to be destroyed, but also warned that more German troops have recently arrived. In Berlin, concerns are growing that Rumania is about to drop out of the war; these new troops have come to keep the oil flowing as long as possible.** Player Notes:* -the point-value of the 'equipment' is much higher than the VHs; destroy it all to score a victory.* -most of the units defending the facility are second-line troops; most of those in the 'reaction-forces' are not.* -your 50mm mortars are powerful weapons when used properly: order fire-missions with the platoon leader (short delay) and keep them within 3 hexes; move them forward to keep pace with your advance.** ** ** _____________tracer/JimNSB 7\10**

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