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Conquest of the Aegean : COTA - Testing Small Supply

File Author : Lieste
File Added : 1 MAR 2011
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Location : Amyntaion, Greece
Opponents : 50th Division (German) vs Infantry Brigade (British)

Description :

Test scenario with supply controlled by reinforcement schedule.

(Favour Axis) Full supply has the SEP in the North - and all Regt, Division and Army Bases fully supplied.
(Standard) Partial Supply has the SEP in the North. Regimental depots are full, Division and Army supply is empty.
(Favour Allied) Minimal Supply has the SEP in the far south, beyond the choke point and allied forces. All Regimental, Divisional and Army Bases are empty of supplies. (Or as much as possible)

Play as Axis. Friendly forces 50th Division. Enemy forces, an unsupported Infantry Brigade in defensive terrain.

The SEP are 'collection only' "Airlanded" dumps. The supply trucks must explicitly route to and from the dump to collect supplies. The unbridged rivers, and the presence of enemy units means that the minimal supply is defacto 'cut-off' until a breakthrough is made. Force ratios are favourable so long as the attack is made within the ammunition limits of the individual units.
Total uncommitted reserve ammunition amounts to 42 tonnes in the "minimal" case - while ammunition with the units is 245 tonnes.

The intent is to demonstrate the ability to control starting ammunition reserves - and by using airlanded supply and a higher level base to collect/deliver supplies to allow all forces to be isolated from supply sources. The 'road' supply method will always be delivered to the top level base, even when it is isolated.

The scenario is not historical or balanced, but once all heavy weapon ammunition is used up, it can be very hard to open the supply route if that hasn't already been done, and time-consuming to recover to a useful condition (there are no stocks to 'immediately' fill the lower echelon supplies).

The forces are identical in each of the three reinforcement options - the only difference is the location for the SEP and the order in which elements are brought into the map.

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