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spektacles -> can't download (10/9/2021 4:40:21 PM)

I'm trying to download the exe file but Windows security is preventing me. I tried disabling security settings (in various places) but still didn't allow me to download. Any way we could get a .zip file option?


terminator -> RE: can't download (10/16/2021 2:22:04 PM)

Complicate to login with the password, my IP range has been blocked due to too many recent failed login attempts...

terminator -> RE: can't download (10/16/2021 3:37:33 PM)

Zip files :


spektacles -> RE: can't download (10/16/2021 4:27:28 PM)

The main download is an exe file. The scenarios are zip files, but not the main download file.

terminator -> RE: can't download (10/16/2021 5:12:58 PM)

Which main download, I only saw zip files to download (?)

spektacles -> RE: can't download (10/16/2021 5:22:50 PM)

Hi, the community project file at vrdesigns' website. I thought that you needed to install the community project exe file in order to play the scenarios. Do I have that wrong? I just need a copy of Decisive Campaigns? (I have Warswaw.)

terminator -> RE: can't download (10/19/2021 6:18:28 AM)

You are right, but I have the option to allow the download despite the warning :


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