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martok -> How is Empires in Arms now? (10/14/2021 12:48:12 AM)

Hey everyone,

For those of you who have played/are playing Empire in Arms since the big update that dropped recently, what's your take on it so far? (I've long had a jonesing for a Napoleonic-era grand-strategy/wargame, plus my anniversary coupon expires soon, hence my question.)

Don60420 -> RE: How is Empires in Arms now? (10/15/2021 5:44:43 AM)

I was going to re-purchase it since my old installation no longer works and I was intrigued by the new master of the game they made to cure installation problems. My serial code is also futzed up for some reason. My bad for not bringing this to the attention of Matrix. I was just going to purchase it anew, but the price is now 39.00 after a very generous sale price of a few weeks ago. That strikes me as a tad pricey for a game this old that was unplayable for many years.

I never wanted to like a game as much as I did this one. I would fire it up with the latest patch every few years but I still found it unplayable due to bugs, a UI from Hell, and odd design choices. I hope it is now playable and enjoyable.

nukkxx5058 -> RE: How is Empires in Arms now? (10/15/2021 9:54:32 PM)

Haven't tried the update yet but I'm curious too ...

burbigo -> RE: How is Empires in Arms now? (10/16/2021 12:43:50 AM)

I didn't tried it since it's update too.

Mini Militia App Lock

Rosseau -> RE: How is Empires in Arms now? (10/16/2021 1:49:04 AM)

I re-installed it and used the new patch, and everything went okay under Win10 without any fiddling over compatibility, etc. However, this shouldn't be interpreted as a guarantee for everyone. [;)]

I believe the "UI from Hell" and odd design choices may still be there, as it is by far the most difficult game to play I've ever bought from Matrix, and I have all of them. I was stumped early on and have yet to be able to successfully deploy my units at the game start. That's probably because I haven't tried hard enough.[;)]

For those intimately familiar with the game, and maybe those who have studied the manual carefully, there may not be issues. I will give it another try one day soon!

Michael T -> RE: How is Empires in Arms now? (10/16/2021 7:52:06 AM)

I wish they could design the PBEM system to operate on a matrix server.

oilumiun12 -> RE: How is Empires in Arms now? (1/31/2024 10:11:15 AM)

Empire in Arms has released many interesting updates. The game seems to have improved quite a bit

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