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canuckgamer -> Hot Fix (2/19/2022 6:06:08 PM)

Will the hot fix for patch 1.00.06 be released next week? We are waiting to start a new PBEM game.

If not, I would like to clarify the procedure for fixing it.

1. Delete the campaign folders and scenario files from MyGames/WarPlan Pacific. What should be left after these deletions are:

Saved Games
Player Data.dat

We then download the files in Alvaro's link, copy them and paste in the Campaigns folder. Is that correct?

AlvaroSousa -> RE: Hot Fix (2/19/2022 7:39:13 PM)

Simply copy paste all the scenarios in....

MyGames\WarPlan Pacific


MyGames\WarPlan Pacific\Campaigns

That's it.

or download the link and copy paste the files into the above location.

AlvaroSousa -> RE: Hot Fix (2/19/2022 7:39:37 PM)

When I am not sure. I contacted them to correct the issue. I have not heard back. It is a simple enough matter.

canuckgamer -> RE: Hot Fix (2/22/2022 12:02:48 AM)

Here is what I did.

1. Removed all scenario folders and files from MyGames\WarPlan Pacific and leaving the following:

Saved games
User Saved Data
Play Data.dat

2. Went to the link that Alvaro provided, downloaded the files and extracted. I then copied and pasted the 6 scenario file folders and 6 scenario files to the Campaign folder.

I then opened up a China 1937 Hot Seat to test. In the game I clicked on the Trade Convoys toggle on the top task bar during a Japanese turn and an Allied turn. The convoy routes did not display (solid line) in either turn. Does this mean that the bug has not been fixed?

AlvaroSousa -> RE: Hot Fix (2/22/2022 4:40:14 PM)

There are no trades showing the first turn. If you see the small convoy icons in the oceans it is the right version.

Also Manchuria is a main supply source so there will be no convoys for Peking.

If you take resources in the South with port supply it will show.

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