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Posted: Monday, January 30, 2017 by Alberto Casulini

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Sanctus Reach released less than two weeks ago and it has been extremely well received. We’re really glad we received such a marvelous reception and we’re grateful for all the support the fans are showing.

When we started development, we knew this would be an ambitious project. We worked very hard to reach our goals: to capture the true Warhammer 40,000 tabletop fans interest with a turn-based game that would catch their imagination. We humbly think that Sanctus Reach was a really good first step in that direction.

We have many plans to improve upon this foundation and though we can’t reveal many details yet (we will soon!), for now let’s focus on what is directly ahead of us.


What are we currently working on? Besides the obvious bug fixing and balancing, we’re focusing on a number of areas.

  • Force Selection – our goal is to improve the usability of this screen to make it easier to navigate
  • Unit Carry over – we’d like to give more control over what units the player can bring to battle
  • Pre-BattleFlow – we want to improve the flow and reduce the number of screens the player has to go through to start a battle
  • Map Generator – we want to improve the variety of victory conditions and force compositions in random maps to make them more interesting
  • Level Up – we aim at giving the player more control over the skills their units receive when they level up
  • Difficulty Levels – introducing different difficulty levels
  • More Story – we will give a bit more background story to players as they play through the campaigns
  • Unit Introductions – similar to above but introducing the player to the units somehow so we can explain their strengths and weaknesses for both player and enemy units
  • Morale System – we’re looking forward to bringing improvements to this
  • Melee system – as above
  • AI Improvements – we will always improve the AI!


These are the current plans: they are sizeable changes and we don’t know when we’ll manage to implement all of them, but we’ll do our best.

The changes we are working on will specifically target those issues raised by you, the players. We are always listening to all kinds of feedback and always reading the forum, and your feedback, suggestions and criticism have been extremely useful! We have a lot on the table right now and we can promise well-rounded improvements to make Sanctus Reach better and better.

That isn’t all, of course. We have ambitious plans for the future and for new content.

Stay tuned for further news – we’ve only just begun.

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