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Posted: Wednesday, July 31, 2019 by Alberto Casulini

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Red Star is the new expansion for Order of Battle, introducing the Soviet Union as a playable faction for the first time.

Many Soviet units had already been introduced by the Winter War DLC, but of course Red Star brings it to a whole new level, adding brand new unique units for the Red Army!

Today we shall have a look at a few of these new units.


1. BT-7 A artillery tank

The fast BT-7 tank was produced in large numbers from 1935. While the standard version had a 45mm gun the specific BT-7 A variant was designed for artillery support, and equipped with a short barreled 76mm gun. Between 1936 and 1938 over 150 BT-7 A tanks were produced, and used against Japan, Finland and in the early stages of Operation Barbarossa 1941.

This provides the player with an reasonably armored self-propelled artillery unit that is much more mobile than the typical towed artillery systems of the Red Army at this point.




2. KV-1 m1940 heavy tank

The heavy tank KV-1 came too late for the Winter War, where only the prototype was tested. After  a shorter series of the early m1939 version the KV-1 m1940 became the main production model, and was the most recent KV-1 version available in summer 1941.

While it was a well-armored tank that came as a nasty surprise for the Wehrmacht early KV-1 tanks had problems with poor visibilty and a weak transmission. Later the player can upgrade to improved models of this tank.




3. 76mm Su 1-12 gun truck

In the 1930ies the Soviet Union made massive efforts to mechanize the Red Army. Increasing numbers of tanks and motorized rifle troops required artillery units able to keep up in battle. An early attempt to solve this problem was to mount a 76mm m1927 howitzer on a GAZ-AAA truck. Produced in low numbers as Su 1-12 the weapon was used in combat against the Japanese. Most of these gun trucks were lost in 1941 though.

While armed with a 76mm gun like the BT-7 A this unit is cheaper, but also more vulnerable.




4. 122mm A-19 towed artillery

The Red Army has bigger calibers in its arsenal, but the long-barreled 122mm gun is still a highly effective gun, and was first used in combat in 1939. Later this type was also modifed for use in self-propelled guns, and finally developed into the D-25 gun used as main armament of the heavy IS-2 tank.

Players now have a choice to use heavier Soviet artillery that packs a bigger punch, or the A-19 gun, which has a better firing range.




5. Komintern prime mover artillery tractor

The Komintern artillery tractor was developed from the unsuccessful T-12 and T-24 tank designs to tow heavier types of artillery. Over 2000 of these were produced from 1935-1941. The rather heavy vehicle is slow and vulnerable, but being fully tracked it can actually perform better in bad weather and heavy terrain than wheeled trucks.




6. GAZ AAA truck with Quadruple Maxim MG anti-air mount

The Maxim MG m1910 was the typical heavy MG used in Russia during World War I, in the Civil War and in World War II. Additionally to the infantry version,  aircraft-mounted and naval variants were developed. In the early 1930ies GAZ trucks were equipped with a quadruple mount of Maxims to provide an early self-propelled anti-air weapon, which was not overly effective, but at least it can provide some cover against air attacks.



7. GAZ MM truck with 25mm anti-air gun 72K

The light AA weapon was used as towed gun from 1940, but later mounted on a GAZ MM truck to get a self propelled version. Heavier towed Soviet anti-air guns were certainly more capable, but less useful in mobile warfare. As the player may find himself struggling with substantial Luftwaffe air operations in 1941 this unit may help him to protect his tanks.


8. Neman R-10 light bomber

Developed as KhAI-5 the aircraft entered service in 1937 as R-10 for use as light bomber and as reconnaissance plane. Ca. 500 aircraft have been produced. The R-10 has been used first in the border battles vs. Japan. Although outdated the R-10 was still in service in summer 1941, and flew combat missions beyond 1942.

This is the first Soviet tactical bomber available for purchase in this game.


9. Suchoi Su-2 light bomber

This more modern light bomber entered service in december 1939 and was build in over 900 pieces. When war broke out against Germany the more capable Il-2 had just entered service, and pilots and groud crews were rather inexperienced to operate the new plane, so the Su-2 still had an important role to fill. The Su-2 suffered heavily in combat 1941 and was increasingly replaced by the IL-2 from 1942.


10. Guards Infantry

Soviet Guards units were established after the costly, but successful Yelnya Offensive in september 1941. In Red Star those guards units are not simply purchased, instead the player can upgrade his experienced infantry units to more capable guards infantry units once he unlocked the required specialisation.


There are  but a few of the new units coming with Red Star!

Let us know what you think on the forum!

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