Battle HQ

BattleHQ Client is software that allows users to gather and play games on the Internet. It is installed on a PC that is connected to the Internet or a LAN. Users can then access the BattleHQ Server.

Once connected to the server users can chat, create/enter rooms, launch games, etc. Below are just a few of BattleHQ's many features:

  • Users can engage in text based chat.
  • Rooms can be created.
  • BattleHQ supports any game that supports DirectPlay or Direct IP. Examples would be: Age of Kings, Half-Life and Medal of Honor.
  • Games are automatically launched and players are sent directly to the game's lobby.
  • Private messages can be sent between users.
  • Ignore users or ban them from your room.

Download the BattleHQ Client (Updated Feb 13, 2007)