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Steel Panthers: World at War : ENH-FR: Leonforte Pt 3

File Author : shsober
File Added : 1 AUG 2010
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Location : Leonforte, Sicily
Opponents : Canada vs German

Description :

__________Leonforte Part 3** _____Canadian Assault vs Germany* _______________Sicily* ______0600 Hrs, July 22 1943* ___________Turns - 32* ____________Size: Large** ____Designed for: Enhanced FR* ______Created by iskaput* ___yourwestcoastagent@gmail.com** ___Tested By: Huffy* _____________JMN* _____________bob55* _____________morge4* _____________trip 1509* ** ______Player Notes:** This scenario is intended for play with all options on except C&C. and uses the following Player Preferences* The human player has to play the Canadian side.** Spotting - 75%* Art-Soft - 120%* Art-Arm - 120%* Spec Op - 120%** True Troop On/Rarity Off* Auto Rally - Off* Fast Artillery - Off** BACKGROUND* Due mostly to the terrain, along with the best efforts of the Germans, Leonforte had to be attacked frontally. The town was held in strength by tanks and troops from the 104th Panzer Grenadier Regiment.** The aftermath of Leonforte Pt-2* The left flank Company was counter-attacked and withdrew in some confusion. In Leonforte, both the lead and follow-up Companies reached the centre of town before enemy tanks forced them to break into houses and form defensive positions.* The Canadians were cut off, and had only their personal weapons to withstand the German counterattacks. Even the PIATs were useless for as one of the Company Commanders remembered, the soldier who had the fuses was either wounded or dead.* The Canadian CO - Lt. Col. Jefferson had to entrust to an Italian boy a note addressed to any British or Canadian Officer* Incredibly, the boy, Antonio Guiseppe who dodged bullets, shells and German patrols made his way to the Canadian lines.** Reassured that the Canadians were still holding firm in the town, the Canadian Commander Col. Vokes prepared to relieve the entrapped soldiers.** THE MISSION* Renew the attack on Leonforte, rescue our troops. Secure the town.** YOUR ORDERS* East Side* Protect the Bridge and the Engineers** West Side* Secure the West flank of the town from any flanking attacks.** Center* Attack Leonforte, save our trapped men.* The Engineers should have the bridge functioning soon, send your flying column into the city once it is clear.** DESIGNER'S NOTES* Regarding the trapped soldiers - I have decreased their load-outs to reflect a night of combat AND Ive upped the value (price) of these troops to make it worthwhile for the player to try and save them.** The Engineers value has been increased - They are not Combat Infantry.** I would advise you to keep your Mechanized Column hidden until the bridge is opened. Even though we have tried to clear out the heights above the bridge, it is still under constant observation by the enemy.** This is the fifth in a series of Scenarios that depict in some small way some of the battles involving the Canadian Army during Operation Husky.* I hope you enjoy them.* ** Source:* Official History of the Canadian Army in the Second World War - Volume II - THE CANADIANS IN ITALY 1943 - 1945* Juno Beach Center Website* Legion Magazine Website*

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