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Norm Kogers The Operational Art of War III : On to Philadelphia (BMP Graphics)

File Author : BillLottJr
File Added : 23 MAY 2011
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Location : USA, Mid Atlantic States
Opponents : Entente vs Central Powers

Description :

On to Philadelphia - 1914
(Based on Harry Turtledove's 'Great War' series & Felix's American Front 1914 scenario)
Designed by Bill II with Felix & Lzard.
Thanks also to Parmenio, Silvanski, Curtis Lemay & Menchenfresser.
Scale: 2.5km hexes
Units: Battalions & Companies
Turns: 1 day
Length: 53 or 145 turns. (Determined by theater option)
It is August 1914, & the war that is engulfing Europe following the assassination of Arch-Duke Franz-Ferdinand has spread to North America. The United States, humbled in two successive wars by the Confederate States, has declared its support for its German and Austo-Hungarian allies. In the de-facto capital of Philadelphia, President Theodore Roosevelt has declared war against the Entente powers in a fiery speech in which he promised the next Remembrance Day parade would be in held Richmond.
In reply, flanked by the statues of George Washington & Albert Sydney Johnston, the Confederate President Woodrow Wilson has asked for & received declarations of war against Germany, Austria-Hungary & the United States. The Confederate States are a modern industrial state, rich and powerful, in part due to its long and close ties to Britain and France. But Wilson and his cabinet know that if the United States and Germany defeat Britain, the Damnyankees to the north won't be long in seeking revenge on their southern counterparts.
Across North America, from Virginia to California, and from New Brunswick to Washington State, men are being called to the colors, as the finely tuned machinery of mass mobilization kicks in. While the various armies are formed to attack and defend, in the theatre east of the Appalachians, the Confederate Armies of Northern Virginia and Western Virginia prepare to face the United States 4th and 5th Armies.

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