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Posted: Monday, August 31, 2015 by Daniele Meneghini

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Thirty Years War In-Depth Scenarios

“Ultima ratio Regum” (The Last Arguments of Kings) - Cardinal Richelieu, speaking about artillery fire

The Thirty Years War as you’ve never known it!

One of the cruellest and most complex war in modern history is depicted with stunning precision in the eponymous game developed by HQ. Using the AGE Engine this game will let you personally live the tension erupting between the European states. Ranging from the early skirmishes through to the major battles involving the Great Powers of the time.

The scenarios are designed to be challenging but not frustrating, portraying the struggle between Protestants and Catholics in both political and military aspects.

Take a closer look on them! Aren't you ready to hear the sound of steel on steel?


Bohemian Revolt: We are in September 1618. The Bohemians Protestants are in revolt against the Emperor Mathias, an old man who is dying in Wien. Led by Count Thurn and Ernst Von Mansfeld the rebels have the cities of Budweiss and Pilsen under siege. In Wien, General Bucquoy, a veteran that fought in the Spanish service in Flanders, is building a new army to put an end to the Rebellion. This scenario covers the first years of the war, from the sieges of Pilsen and Budweiss to the intervention of the Catholic League and the battle of White Mountain in 1620.

The Paladins: Small scale scenario that represents the months of fight in the Rhenish Palatinate. In the Fall of 1620 the Spanish troops of Spinola and Cordoba entered the Rhenish Palatinate and captured some key cities. Spinola left Germany for Flanders but Cordoba remained sieging the cities of Mannheim and Heidelberg. In 1622 the Protestant army of Von Mansfeld arrived on the scene, closely followed by Tilly and the League Army. At Baden, Georg Frederick, Margrave of Baden-Durlach raised a new, raw, Protestant army and in the north, Christian of Brunswick did the same. In the following months were the battles of Wimpfen (1622) and Höchst (1622) in which the Protestants troops were almost eliminated. The year ended with the Protestant defeat at the sieges of Mannheim and Heidelberg.

The Danish Phase: This scenario goes from the Danish entry into the war to its final defeat and the treaty of Lübeck. The King of Denmark, Christian IV, was a prince of the German Empire and thus had political interests in the north of Germany. Feeling sure of the potential of his army went to war against the Empire in 1625 with the support of some veteran Protestants generals such as Mansfeld and Knyphausen. The Empire has a strong army commanded by Wallenstein and the League army of Tilly. Mansfeld was defeated by Wallenstein at Dessau in 1626 and in august 1626 Christian was defeated by Tilly at the battle of Lutter am Baremberg.


The Swedish Intervention: Covers the Campaigns that took place from September 1630 until the end of 1635. The King of Sweden, Gustavus Adolfus, declared war on the Empire in 1630 and landed at Stettin in September of that year with his powerful army. In 1631 he took the city of Frankfurt am Oder and set off west to fight Tilly's unbeatable army. Saxony joined the Protestant side and in September of 1631 the Protestants achieved a great victory at Breitenfeld. In 1632 and 1633 the Emperor was in retreat, losing important key cities and his great commander Tilly, who died after the battle of Rain in 1632. In November 1632 during the battle of Lutzen the king of Sweden was shot to death, a great loss for the Protestants. In 1634, Spain sent an army commanded by Feria, this lead to the great Catholic victory of Nördlingen in September. This defeat had a secondary effect, with France deciding to join the war in support of the Protestants in 1635.


The Thirty Years War: This ambitious scenario covers all the years of fighting, from the Bohemian Rebellion to 1648. With five nations, mercenaries from all parts of Europe, and lots of sieges and battles, it brings a unique opportunity to fill in the boots of the men in charge of the fate of Europe.

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