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Posted: Thursday, March 3, 2016 by Daniele Meneghini

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The countdown is over: our planet is freezing to death. Humans and automata are now competing to rule over the frozen wasteland of a formerly flourishing world!

Today you have the chancetofight for survival as Last Days of Old Earth is entering Steam Early Access!

Set in an icy, post-apocalyptic world, Last Days of Old Earth mixes elements of strategy and card-driven games in a unique way. At this stage the game offers both a single player Skirmish mode and online multiplayer.

And, to help newcomers to jump into the game in no time, in-game tutorials have been created alongside a  growing official wiki of the game, powered by Gamepedia!

Butthe launch on Early Access is only the beginning of the journey for Last Days of Old Earth. Developer Auroch Digital has already planned a set of major updates that will bring even more variety into the game!

And if you are eager to see some action, don’t miss our Twitch Stream tonight (March 3, 20.00 CEST)! We are going to show players the current version of the game on our official Twitch channel!

Get more information on Last Days of Old Earth from its official product page.

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