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Posted: Thursday, August 1, 2019 by Matrix Support

Type: Update

You can now play Armored Brigade with brand new exciting features.

Armored Brigade developers have worked hard to bring many improvements to both the base game and its Italy - Yugoslavia DLC. 

One of the new features that has been implemented is the Scenario or Mission Editor, an in-game editor where almost everything in the saved missions can be modified easily without exiting the game. The editor is an inherent part of the standard game UI. The user can load the mission in several different modes and then adjust parameters, remove and add formations, edit briefings, objectives and deployment zones and so on.

You can download the patch from the members club.

Check the changelog here:

  • Fix: When loading scenarios, check the database ID before other checks, to make sure that the relevant data exists in the database.
  • Fix: In the Battle Generator, the number of objectives was not reset after changing the player start edge, allowing too many objectives to be added.
  • Fix: US TOW M113 Carrier (M150) now has a commander just like the Italian counterpart.
  • [database] Adjusted muzzle signatures on LMGs, MMGs and HMGs.
  • [database] British Chieftan and FV432 speed adjustments.
  • [engine] Implement the mission editor.
  • [engine] Add a small muzzle signature visibility bonus when a weapon is fired, making especially the low muzzle signature weapons easier to detect.
  • [engine] Increase the TI system efficiency and cost slightly.
  • [engine] The 'paved road' and 'secondary road' now use different width classes, improving the intersections.
  • [engine] Rotate anti-air units to face the center of enemy setup zone after they have stopped engaging an air target.
  • [engine] The AI opponent uses artillery smoke in meeting engagements.
  • [engine] Make sure that the manually edited campaign.xml 'startLocation' attribute stays within the allowed limits.
  • [scenarios] Add the 'Attack in Bullenhausen' scenario.
  • [scenarios] Update the 'Who Will Stop the Rain' scenario.
  • [ui] Show a message when a detected hostile aircraft is going down.
  • [ui] Prevent the system from listing scenarios, campaigns and maps with duplicate IDs.
  • [ui] Don't allow purchasing artillery mines if there are no guns purchased. If all guns are sold then set the number of mines to zero.

NOTE: Savegames from older builds are not compatible.

For more details check this thread!

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The new update for Armored Brigade is live

Thursday, August 1, 2019

You can now play Armored Brigade with brand new exciting features.