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Question:I'm having problems downloading my game.
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You may have an unfinished or corrupted download. Please completely uninstall the game/download, clear your temporary internet files and then reinstall with a newly downloaded file. Here are some tips for assuring that your download completes successfully:

  • Download Managers - We suggest you use a download client like "Internet Download Manager" available for free from www.internetdownloadmanager.com.  It will let you resume disconnected or broken downloads. You can even pause and resume them whenever you want.
  • Incompatible Download Monitors - Programs such as GoZilla, NetZip, Flashget etc. are not compatible with our server and will sometimes block or stop downloads. If you are using AOL's built in browser, we recommend using Internet Explorer or Firefox instead.
  • Try a Different Browser – If you have been having downloading problems with Internet Explorer try Firefox or vice versa. You can also try another browser like Chrome or Opera.
  • Disable Anti-Virus Software - Before you begin the download and for the entire duration of the download completely disable all Anti-Virus software you have running. AV software will try to stop or scan a download. It may cause the download to be corrupt or damaged.
  • Disable Firewall Software - Also disable for the duration or your download all Firewall software you have running.
  • Screen Savers - In some instances, screen savers can interfere with the download process. If you have a screen saver that is starting while you are downloading, please disable it temporarily until your download is complete.
  • Download Overnight – In some areas, busy times for the internet can impact the reliability of internet downloads.   Try downloading at times when most people in your area are asleep.
  • Don’t Rename a Downloading File - Do not rename the file you're downloading, it may cause installation problems.
  • Download to your Hard Drive Only - Do not download the file to an external hard drive or USB thumb drive.
  • Make Backups - We recommend that you backup the software you downloaded to a CD or DVD. By our license agreement you're granted the right to burn one personal backup copy to either CD or DVD or the backup medium of your choice.

If you need to download your game again but you no longer have access to the download link, please follow the following instructions:


If you bought the game from BlueSnap:


Our new store supports unlimited re-downloads.  However, your download link will only be available for a limited number of download attempts or a certain amount of time. If you need to download your game again and your download link is expired please contact our Help Desk or contact support@bluesnap.com and we will be happy to reactivate your download for you.


If you bought the game from Digital River (purchases older than 11/18/2010):


To begin a new download for a product purchased from Digital River, please follow these steps:


  1. Go to http://www.findmyorder.com
  2. Enter your order number and the password used or your email address and the last 5 digits of the credit card used in purchasing the item(s).
  3. Click FIND.
  4. Click BEGIN DOWNLOAD or Begin HTTP Download (NOTE: If hitting the http button does not work, try right clicking on the button and choosing the option 'save target as'.)
  5. If you are presented with an option to either "Open file from current location" or "Save to disk", please choose "Save to disk".
  6. You will then be prompted to choose a location to place the downloaded file. We recommend placing the file on your desktop for easier access.


Note for Digital River Purchases: If you have purchased your game and the extended download option OVER 2 years ago your download file is no longer available as we are only able to keep a backup copy of your digital file for a maximum of 2 years after the date of purchase. If you did NOT purchase the extended download option when you purchased from Digital River then your game is only available for a maximum of 30 days from the original date of purchase.


Please note that you can always contact our Help Desk and we will do the best we can to make your download available to you even if it is not normally available from Digital River, though we may not be able to help in all cases.


Purchases from BlueSnap have no time limit on their backup. You can redownload them no matter how long ago you purchased the game.


Please keep in mind that you should always make physical backups (prints, notes etc.) of important information like email invoices, serial numbers and order information. Also please remember to register your games to get the latest updates and betas.