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Question:Where is my game manual?
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If you have not ordered a physical copy of the game the manual(s) come as PDF files that is installed to your hard disk along with the software.

You can access them from the Windows "START menu" folder of the respective software / game. If you want to access them via "Windows Explorer" or "My Computer" please browse to the installation directory of the program.

All PDF files are normally located in a directory called "Manual(s)". You can print them out or copy them to a portable media device and have them printed by a professional service like Kinkos™ if you prefer a paper manual (There is a permission for this manual to be copied for personal purposes. You can find this in the back/last pages of the manual).

To view PDF files you will need a PDF reader application, for example Adobe Acrobat. You can download Adobe Acrobat for free from www.adobe.com